Aircraft Finance Loan Application

"Applying for aircraft financing, requires a credit application and a personal financial statement"

The application instructions are:

Call 1300 888 474 for an Aviation Loans application form, or
Download an Aircraft Loan Application Form here >> aviation loan application

Print the form and complete the Financial Statement, included on the application.

If you are a company or business, we will require your financial statements for the last 2 yrs. If you are a PAYG employee we will require your last year's group certificate and last two pay slips. (If you are not sure what we require please call us to discuss).

For pre-approval of an aircraft loan: Tell us as best you can what you plan to buy. If you have picked out a specific aircraft, give us a basic description.

A copy of our Privacy Statement and certificate of appointment is included in the application. Applications and tax returns can be mailed or faxed.