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"Frequently Asked Questions, about Aviation Finance"

How Long does it all take?

Once we have your application form and supporting documents, it only takes 48 hours to give you an answer (up to 72 hours for complex transactions)!

I am operating a new business, can I still get finance?

As part of any new business start up, a good business plan is essential. We will happily discuss your requirements and provide you advice to help you secure finance.

Do I need property backing to get a loan?

Clients seeking aircraft finance do need asset backing. Clients with asset backing can get usually get 100% financing against just the aircraft without needing to take out 2nd mortgages etc or putting down large deposits. Clients with limited asset backing can reduce the risk to the lender by offering a deposit or 2nd Mortgage. As part of our service we work towards a happy medium for Client and Lender.

Is aircraft financing as easy to get as a car loan?

Aircraft financing is a specialized market, and is more difficult than getting car finance. This is where our expertise comes into play. We structure your loan to make it more attractive to aircraft financiers.

I have a PTY LTD Company, do I need to give personal guarantees?

In most lending situations, 'yes'. There are though some exceptions to this rule. For example if the Company is valued at more than 5 million dollars (by a reputable business valuer) we can seek an exception.