Aviation Loan - Example Scenarios

"Nationwest offers a full range of loan products to meet every need of the Aviation industry. We are not limited to just financing aircraft."

Scenario 1

The Client wished to purchase an Aircraft Charter Company. Involved in the purchase was an aircraft, a hanger, an Avgas fuel tank and a 4wd vehicle. Intellectual property, existing stock and the clients required ongoing capital. As part of our brief we were requested to minimise funding over clients existing residential property..

We came up with the following solution: a chattel mortgage over the aircraft being purchased (over 5 years with a balloon payment at the end to minimise payments). A business loan using the hangar as security (taken over 10 years to minimise payments). A Chattel Mortgage over the fuel tank and 4wd (taken over 5 years). An overdraft and business loan to cover stock goodwill and the customer's ongoing capital requirements. As part of this application we also refinanced their existing home loan and improved their interest rate by .7%!

Scenario 2

A Successful businessman, wished to purchase an aircraft for use in his business. He regularly flew to meetings, and the purchase of the aircraft would save him considerable time away from home. As he already had business banking with a major lender, he asked us to obtain a loan that was separate from this connection. The client also requested that he only put in a minimal deposit. We organised a Chattel Mortgage just using the aircraft as security. To minimise payments we organised a 5 year loan term with a balloon of 20%.

Scenario 3

A Station Owner, needed a helicopter for work on his property. He was importing it directly from the United States. To get the aircraft into Australia we organised trade finance. Once the helicopter had arrived in Australia and was on the register, we organised a Chattel Mortgage. Due to Our clients seasonal income we organised annual payments over 5 years.